Leonardo Montecchi

Assistant Professor at Institute of Computing of UNICAMP
Laboratory for Software Engineering and Reliability (LASER)


Research Topics

Research projects at different levels are available (Master, PhD, and Undergraduate). All the topics are related to some aspect of safety-critical or mission-critical systems, including design, evaluation, and certification. The main research directions are listed below, and most of them are developed in the context of national or international research projects.

  • Prediction of performance and dependability metrics on complex systems, using stochastic models (e.g., see this, this, or this).

  • Application of software engineering concepts to formal models, e.g., interfaces, reuse, modularity (e.g., see this, this, or this).

  • Automated generation of V&V artifacts form structured models (e.g., see this, this, or this).

  • Generative software architectures for the robotics domain (e.g., see this).

  • Verification and certification of machine learning algorithms.

  • Definition of domain-specific languages and conceptual models (e.g., see this, this, this, or this).

  • Safety analysis of industrial plants and infrastructures (e.g., see this, this, or this).

Please contact me for further information or to discuss other possible topics, I am always open to interesting proposals. You may also want to take a look at my full publications list to have an idea of the kind of topics I am interested in. Latest news are also available on the website of our research group.

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